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Wire Basket Muzzles

Finally a wire dog muzzle made for YOUR breed of dog!
Most dogs are certainly man's best friend, but it comes at no surprise that we deal with many behavior problems related to aggression or destructive behavior in dogs. The perfect dog muzzle will not only protect people and other dogs from injuries but will also discourage dogs from biting, chewing, swallowing unwanted objects, destroying furniture or a favorite pair of shoes and at the same time will give it freedom to be a happy dog. It is very important to remember that a dogs snout is extremely sensitive and delicate and should not be clamped shut. Any snug-fitting muzzle or nylon muzzle restricts an animals ability to pant, which could inhibit the animals natural cooling system if worn for an extended time. The wire basket dog muzzle is the only dog muzzle that will allow for the dog to breath freely, pant and drink water. Because its original version was designed for police intense training the wire basket dog muzzle can be worn while the dog is walking, playing or running. The dog muzzle is made of chrome wire and leather. The straps are adjustable and won't stretch. The nasal part inside the muzzle is made of leather, but is also lined and padded with felt for the dogs comfort.

Medium Breed
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Wire Basket Dog Muzzle Sizes
Size Small--Length 3.5"--Circumference 10"
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Size Medium--Length 4"--Circumference 11.75" More Details or to Buy
Size Large--Length 4.5"--Circumference 12.5" More Details or to Buy

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Muzzle Size Chart
How to measure:
Length -- measure your dog from the eyes to the tip of his nose.
Circumference -- Measure the circumference of his muzzle 1" below his eyes.
Add at least 1/2" to 1" for smaller dogs to the muzzle circumference.
For bigger dogs add 1" to 1-1/2" to the muzzle circumference.

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