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Universal Flat NylonLeash
Newly designed,Colorful,comfortable.
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Small Dogs Muzzle Size 2" length and 6" circ
# 10R0/0
This particular muzzle fits all breed with similar size snout. The muzzle size is 2 inches in length and 6 inches in circumference.
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 7
Will fit snout from 11"to13" & neck from 22"to 29".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 6
Will fit snout 12"to 15" & neck from 23"to 33".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 5
Will fit Snout from 10.5" to 12.5"& neck from 19" to 29".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 4
Will fit snout from 9"to 11" & neck from 18"to 27".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 3
Will fit snout from 8.5" to 10"& neck from 16"to 25".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 2
Will fit snout from 6"to7.25" & neck from 13" to16".
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Universal Nylon Muzzle 1
Will fit snout from 4.75"to 5.75" & neck from 10"to13".
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Big Dogs Breed Wire Muzzle (Large Size) 5.5"length and 17.5" Circ
This Muzzle will fit the following breed and similar snout size. Great Dane, Rottweiler, St Bernard, Irish Wolfhound, Akita, Great Pyrenees, Bloodhound, bull mastiff, bernese mountain dog, newfoundland, Neapolitan mastiff.
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Big Dogs Breed Wire Muzzle (Small Size) 5.75" length and15.5" Circ
Will fit Large Dog breeds like Great Dane, Golden Retriever, Doberman, Labrador, Alaskan Malamute, Tibetan Mastiff and other breeds with similar size snout. Please note: Measure your dogs snout properly before ordering. Refer to "How to size" menu.
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German Shepherd Large Dog Size 5.25"length and 14.25" Circ
Perfect Wire Muzzle for your German Shepherd breed. You want to control your dog easily and without any inconvenience to him? This muzzle is also recommended for Great Dane and other large dogs with similar snout.
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North American supplier of European dog muzzles specializing in 
wire cage muzzles for home or professional use . Dog training or 
controlling undesired behaviour.

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